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I want to preface this by stating that this is an honest attempt at improving this project, because ultimately, I’d like to leverage it and be an active member of the community. I just like when expectations are set properly, and I also hate to miss out on opportunities through no fault of my own.

I’ve made a couple of other posts about my experience so far, but because of having a lack of other alternatives I’ll just keep posting on here until someone from the company sees it, or relays it back.

Our company was accepted into the Microsoft Startup Founders Hub program some months ago, and as part of that there is a benefit from OpenAI, with 3 months’ worth of credit, an OpenAI Innovation License, and a 1-on-1 session with an expert at OpenAI. Once I submitted for the benefit, the only thing that I received were the credits.

I made multiple attempts to contact individuals from both OpenAI and Microsoft in order to redeem the other two parts and received zero responses from OpenAI to date. Microsoft has already stated there is nothing they can do. My first request dates back to August 21. I received a response 5 weeks later (October 18th), that stated:

Sorry about the delay! We’ve experienced an influx of support tickets, so there’s been a delay in how fast we can respond to issues. Since you’ve submitted your request, we’ve made many changes to the platform to help address encountered issues.
Please take a look through our Help Center (OpenAI Help Center) to see if your answer has been addressed there. If you don’t see an answer to your question there or are still encountering an issue, please reply to this note and we’ll try to respond to your question within 3-5 business days.
Sorry again about the delay and we appreciate your patience as we work through the support volumes!
OpenAI Support

Obviously, that didn’t address my question at all. My conversation was closed after that. I reached out to chat again after beginning to mess around with OpenAI on my own and was met with the same deafening silence -

You can see that conversation was ended without a response either. I can understand you guys are busy, I get it, and commiserate with you on that. I just want to be able to fully leverage my benefits, but aside from that, what is the point of having an avenue of support outside of an AI-chat bot, if it leads nowhere? I’d rather you guys put some message that you aren’t taking support requests at the moment, something.

It’s worth it to mention this also wouldn’t be as big an issue if the credit and other benefits were available for something more reasonable, like 12-months, given the inability to redeem them within a 3-month window.

Thanks, and I hope this post makes sense to others reading it who may not be in the same boat.

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Hello, apologies for the lag time on a response to your request. We’re reaching out in your most recent support ticket to follow up and help get this resolved for you.

AI Specialist

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Hey Adam, wonderful news, thank you for the response!


Hello @IMTheJuggernautX

Just like you, I am also part of MfS, I am the founder of a Brazilian Startup and since January we are at OpenAI.

As at the time I did not feel that we were maturing enough to request a meet 1:1 I ended up forgetting this part. In May I started not being able to spend our credits and invited several people close to us to try to help us validate a scenario and enjoy the 6-month phase and no one was able to help me.

I started a “solo journey”(1) and today I can say that I am happy with (1).

It’s important for everyone to have participations, proper support, internet conditions, health, food, but I don’t think that’s a differentiator, not least because there are ways to get in touch with the MfS team, consultants, whether at Azure, or through the Microsoft Mentorprogram, such as the Mentor Network (after level 3).

There is a group of openai ambassadors, I managed to schedule a meeting in mid-April and I was very well attended, I’ll leave the link if you want to take a look:

We are in Azure OpenAI, it was very difficult to validate this participation, but Also advise you to make your registration, it is worth it, I will leave the link:

And of course, it’s always good to remember that we’re in the “Beta”.



Hey Jose, thanks for the feedback and context from your own journey in the program. I congratulate you on making it to level 3, that means you’re scaling! I have actually applied, previously, to the OpenAI preview on Azure, but got disapproved relatively quickly. After going to the Ignite conference this past October and talking to some folks there, it seems as though you can only get approved and participate in that preview if you’re already a Microsoft Partner (or part of the MPN), so for now I’m just going to explore doing it outside of Azure directly through OpenAI. We leverage Azure for most of our infrastructure anyway, so it would be convenient to run it all through there, but as you stated, it’s still in Beta so we can always shift when we’re able to.

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