Need help from Support & Not Getting a Response - Would like extension of benefits

Hey community, not really sure where else to go for this, but because I am getting no response from support (last response to a question took months and the response was just a general one, not directed to actual original question…) I’m not sure where else to go.

I am a member of the Microsoft Startup Hub program and received some credits to use OpenAI, a free consultation with an OpenAI expert, and 3-months of the OpenAI Innovation license. The issue is, I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone to book that consultation, my credits were only good for 3-months (set to expire on Dec 1st this year), and I’m not really sure what the Innovation license entails.

I would like to get an extension on the credits and innovation license so I can actually get my consultation and leverage those benefits. Any help would be appreciated on how I may be able to accomplish this!

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Hey, welcome to the forum.

Do you have a way to contact anyone from Microsoft Startup Hub? Is there a contact on their end?

A quick search of the forum found this thread that might be helpful…

Sorry you’re having a hard time getting ahold of someone. Things are moving fast, and I’m sure everyone is super busy. Good luck on your search for answers.

Hey Paul, I have done as you suggested and submitted a request through the Startub Hub program to see if there is anything they can do. I appreciate you linking that other thread as well, now I know what the innovation license is, hopefully I can still get an extension to actually leverage it - otherwise it was just a waste!

Thanks again.

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No problem. Happy to help. Good luck!

Received a pretty quick response - nope, they can’t do anything!

I seem to have a similar issue now with Microsoft startup program, got six months to try and build my startup app lol. I think once I built it fast I am gonna have to show videos of it to get funding.