What is the Plugin access criteria

I’m from Brazil and I still don’t have access to plugins, although as soon as the waitlist came I signed up. What is the criteria to have access to plugins?


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Still didn’t get an answer from any of the openai channels.

Still didn’t get an answer from any of the openai channels.

Same here, applied personally and thru my work and nothing… Kind of frustrating how some people get to have it first. I guess it’s because serious devs only for now

It seems to be a complete lottery, there’s people on r/teenagers with access that definitely aren’t dev’s

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Thanks folks for all your replys. But @vrsj0069 let’s think together, how you define serious devs? I work in the industry for 20 years and didn’t have access to it. What is the criteria? They could be more Open about this.

Agreed the criteria isn’t clear. I have been included in the first group of each of the API Alpha/Beta since last summer, so i think how early an API user you are is part of the story. Could just be a bot who likes me.

17 days have passed and I still didn’t get any answer =[

For what it’s worth, I applied for personal use on the day the waitlist opened and did not get anything. I had an idea for developing a plugin after reading the documentation examples . I reapplied as a developer and got accepted after a few days.

thanks, I reapplied now! (… 25 chars)