Desperate To Get Plugin Install Access

I’ve applied like 5 times, over several months, and nothing.

How long does it take to get the ‘Develop your plugin’ function enabled in the Plugins store? Have I just been rejected and need to jump ship to another LLM?

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The other dev in my team has this. Why has my account in the org been rejected?

They are gradually adding people but I don’t know what logic is driving this. My home / personal account has plugins and gpt4 api whilst my work account has neither. one possibility I thought of was that I post more frequently on my home account and so perhaps its about your overall interaction with openai? i saw your forum account is new so maybe try gaining reputation here - no idea if it works but its the only thing i can see is different between my accounts
what plugin functionality are you interested in?

We have been granting Developer access to most folks with ChatGPT plus, did the email you joined with have an active plus subscription?

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Just replying on behalf of my experience - this sounds spot on to what happened with my account. I use plus and the api for my personal company but the place I am temping only uses the api. they applied for the plugins at the same time as I did but I got them earlier and I do have plus.

Would this be the same by any chance for the GPT4 api access? I have it for my other business and it’s fantastic but still waiting for it with the place I’m working now (just temping and helping them get to know OpenAI) - I can get them go sign up for Plus if this might speed up getting their access to the API GPT4?


Sure did. No luck tho.

this is extra padding data because the reply bot here decided my reply wasn’t ‘real text’. What a joke.

Hey Logan, I’ve also applied several times, with the email that currently pays for a plus subscription:

Can you please help? I already have a plugin ready to go! :frowning:

Please? Anyone? We’re dying over here.

Cant you just launch it using your co-workers account? you said they have plugins already?

Hi @logankilpatrick

I asked for a dev access many days ago.
I asked it first with a Plus account (but not renewed) and then another time after renewed my Plus account

Why I don’t have access now ?

How many time it takes ?

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