How long does it take to get developer access for a ChatGPT Plus user?

I requested the developer waitlist for making the plugin but I am not sure how long the waitlist is going to take.
I have urgent experiments due and demo due and not sure if this waitlist can be sped up? I already pay for the ChatGPT Plus so any recommendations?

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I do not know of any way to influence the time taken to be accepted into the development program, other than to have an interesting use case proposal.

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Any idea on how long it might take? already 2+ day :frowning:

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Many users who signed up on day one still do not have it.
ChatGPT plugins were announced on March 23, 2023

it seems to release the access in batch, there are lots of users get the access today.

Just curious, are you using the API already?

If so, and if you are active with it, that could potentially be a metric that OpenAI uses to determine who to open access to, but I am merely guessing and am not sure what the process is.

Before I got access to plugins, I remember consuming lots of tokens in API usage and was very active, which I am thinking “could” have been a factor in getting access, but I may be totally mistaken and it could be random or involve some other filter that OpenAI has not announced.


We just rolled out developer access to all the plus subscribers on the developer waitlist! Thanks for being patient.