What cand I do if support team doent's answer?

I need help pls.
Support team doesn’t answer for my request for 12 days in wiget chat form. I made ticket on 7th of June.
Is there any other way to contact with charging support team?

Your automatic advice doesn’t work!
So I waiting for help from human…

I believe there’s a way to reach out to a human if you click through correctly.

What is your problem? Maybe we can help here at the community dev forum?

Welcome, by the way!

The support team never reply on time. My last ticket was only answered after 4 months of waiting! Good luck with getting them to reply!

You have to consider the millions (billions now?) of people wanting help, etc. They’re doing the best they can, and I imagine it will get better as the models become more powerful. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be a wild ride…

When I started working with OpenAI, the founding employees usually answered support emails…sometimes in a matter of minutes! Those days, there were only a few hundred (thousand?) of us tinkering with it…