Weird signup Problem asking for a non-premium phone number

Hi, i’ve had the same issue but there is one really simple trick.
Just put 00 as a prefix before your phone numbre and it should work, enjoy


Thanks sir, this is the REAL SOLUTION.

Hi, I have the same problem in Slovenia!

Just try to add single or double zero after country code.

Same here in Brazil.
I want a solution for that, there is nothing wrong with my cel…

It doesn´t work.
Please enter a valid phone number. For help, contact us through our help center at

Had the same issue, adding 00 in-front of my number solved the issue for me.

Type your country code again first. For me in Belgium it is +32 followed by your cellphone number. So in the field you must have - in my example : +32 +32xxxxxxxxx. It works


definitely works as well for the phone number from Montenegro! thanks for the lifehack

Hey folks, closing this for now, please see our help center article here: Phone verification | OpenAI Help Center and reach out to our support team if you have questions.