My phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts

This phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts.

They say it when I try to verify my phone number, but didn’t do it at all. I just tried to register. I have an average German cell phone number, not a premium one at all.

Trying to log in for some weeks already


Same here.

This phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts.

Anyone get an answer?

Welcome to the forum,
For account related issues please use OpenAI Help Centre in the bottom right corner is a message icon. image click the icon and enter your issue, the bot will take your details and a member of the account support team will get back to you, it may take several weeks due to the number of people currently using the system.

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It doesn’t help at all. I want to sign up and use the premium account but Open AI doesn’t allow me to do because someone else using my number to register the account. I raised a support ticket long time ago but they never get back to me. It seems they earned too much so they don’t need new customers at all.


Were that literally true that someone else used your phone number, you’d be getting the SMS text confirmations they needed to sign up.

You can try with one solution: put 00 before your phone number in the input field.

I’ve bypassed this issue for now by directly loading chat dot openai dot com for ChatGPT

Hi, sorry about that. I wasn’t sure how this forum works.
Basically, I have an OpenAI subscription that I pay for. I’m unable to sign in. Every time I try I get this message: “This phone number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts.”
To access ChatGPT I’ve been using a URL that directs me to ChatGPT and bypasses the login page. However, I’m unable to access Dall-E or API because I can’t access any other page due to the login issue.

Got it!

I recommend making a few changes to your first post to ensure it reflects the latest details you provided. Additionally, it would be helpful to clarify that the solution you mentioned is specific to accessing ChatGPT and may not work for other scenarios.

When I initially read your post, it seemed like you had found a solution that addressed the specific problem. However, upon further consideration, it appears to be more of a workaround designed specifically for ChatGPT.

By incorporating these revisions, your post will provide clearer information to readers, helping them understand the limitations and scope of the solution.

Same here, even I am facing the same error, whenever I try to login it’s shows that this number is already linked to the maximum number of accounts.

I have just uses my number for sing up . So anybody can let me know or can suggest me why I am facing this errors.


Hi, You can use a secondary phone number. These numbers are also called temporary phone numbers. Two options are available. Short-time verification and numbers for 30 days. Choose as your requirements. More info can be found on Google, virtual phone numbers. You will find so many companies out there. Just pick one.

Virtual numbers are not allowed. It is clearly defined in their documentation. Also, I did try this workaround myself and it not accept it. Phone verification FAQ | OpenAI Help Center

Just chiming in here to say that I am seeing this same issue as well. I created an account with a work email that is going away. I’m trying to create a personal account and am getting the max number of accounts error. Opening a support ticket does nothing. If anyone has any idea how to resolve this, it would be greatly appreciated.

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You should be able to create two accounts per phone number. Can you discover the other account that might have been created? You would not reuse any other credentials except the phone number in creating a second account.

Unfortunately, OpenAI staff are powerless to change the email account or phone number on an account, or release a phone number for reuse.

And before you make any quick decisions, don’t delete any accounts - with current policy, you’ll never be able to use that phone number again.

Moreover, their FAQ has contradicting answers:

How many times can I use my phone number to create OpenAI accounts?

Using a phone number for OpenAI accounts is like a punchcard: it’s good for creating only 3 accounts. After that, it can’t be used again even if you’ve deleted either account.

Can I reuse the same phone number I had before for additional accounts?

If you previously deleted your account, you will be able to reuse the same phone number for a new account under a different email.

And the limit apparently is not 3 accounts but 2 accounts - I switched to a new workplace and tried to join the workplace using the organization email and got the error although the only 2 other accounts that I have is (1) Personal, (2) previous workplace.

As for messaging the Help Center, there is no option to query about sign-up…

Any help from OpenAI staff would be highly appreciated.


And this statement about deleting an account seems contradictory to all evidence up to now - and to the very line above it.

(also you can tell that “3” accounts was edited because it still says either account.

This is complete nonsense. I have number of emails and tried “Forgot password” with all of them. The system simply not sending any emails and also does NOT allow to register as phone number has been already used. If you guys are so smart as you think then where is account restore by phone number option?

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I’m as smart as I think; I guess I’m just not as smart as you think…

The only password reset mechanism is by attempting to log in, and then at the password screen, to say “forgot password”.

If you did not create your account with a username and password combo, but instead used one of the authentication methods like Google, Apple, or Microsoft, then you do not have an email address login or password to reset, your login is by that authentication service.

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this doesn’t make sense at all.
if delete-account did not help reduce ‘the number of accounts linked to the phone number’, what logic is in that warning sentence?

It isn’t clear which message you are replying to in this topic.

As far as things that don’t make sense, the phone number FAQ was “updated yesterday” (although you only get “over a week ago” for other help articles not modified for months).

It still has the contradictory statements about deleting phone numbers. Previous policy, which was not acknowledged in documentation, nor explicitly stated as being revised or updated in the FAQ, was "delete account, phone number useless forever’, perhaps because they didn’t have a better system to avoid you getting free credits over and over.

I wouldn’t encourage anyone to delete their account merely as an experiment just to report back whether the phone number can be used again or not…

It’s likely about free credits and rate limits.
If I could create an endless number of accounts I could, in theory, have unlimited access to the API because each new account has free credits and when I hit limits is easy to divide the API requests across different accounts.