Weird signup Problem asking for a non-premium phone number

Same here in the Uk. Tried everything and doesn’t seem to work at all

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i found a solution

put in 00 landcode and phone number
example belgium(+32) 0032468******

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use 0044 and rest of your phone number
should work

Unfortunately this doesn’t work, it just states that the phone number is invalid instead of premium. Still hoping for a solution.

i had the same error, add two 0’s before your phone number and it will work, at least it did for me.

it sounds weird, but it works! Add “zero-zero” after code for Cyprus number +357 00 95774****

I’ve tried all of these methods but nothing works. Is there anyone from OpenAI who can assist with this issue?

same here, goes to show just how unreliable robots and AI are, not so clever at all, especially those who made them

Hi! Same problem in Colombia. The double zero before the number worked for me! Weird!

Hi ! From France here, I just added two 00 before my number and it worked

Also had the problem, but can confirm that adding two zeroes before the phone number worked!

The same problem, I’m from Italy (+39 371…)

Same problem in Georgia (country). Number starts with +995… Please assist!

Same problem in Australia. Have tried every suggestion to no avail, with four different accounts now flagged for abuse (seriously?).

Same problem, I cannot register because of a common 06-number. All mobile numbers in the Netherlands start like this.

Same here. Luxembourg. (+352 + 9 digits), like for the OP.
My friend (also +352) registered 4 months ago without this issue.
… later …
Adding 2 zeros also worked for me (+352 00 + 9 digits).

It worked by adding the country code without zeros and +.
Thank you!

I now put in the mobile number from my boyfriend who uses iPhone. It worked! Obviously, my own number is on an adroid phone…

I am still having this same issue, my number is a regular US cell phone number, I tried typing it in with a 1 in front, tried on my phone, and tried a different browser. Emailed support twice with no response.

Still the same here in UK. I’ve tried all the suggested workarounds with 00, 0044, with and without leading zeroes, you name it. It’s either listed as premium rate or not valid. I mean, I know mobile operators like to charge handsomely but calling them, premium rate is a bit harsh!