We are eager to develop a plugin for free; however, we have not yet obtained access. Could you kindly lend us a hand in this matter?

Greetings, everyone! A few weeks ago, we submitted our application for plugin development, but unfortunately, we have not received a response yet.

We have noticed that some basic plugins have been introduced, and although we are subscribed as plus users, we are still unable to create plugins on Chat GPT. We would greatly appreciate it if you could assist us in resolving this issue.

It takes time. I don’t work for OpenAI but I applied and it took multiple weeks for me also.

In our case is long anyone from OpenAI team here?

Hey champ,

I can understand your frustrations, if you want to contact OpenAI you should use the site:

This is the community forum for developers, we use this forum to help each other create things using the OpenAI API, it’s not OpenAI’s support page :laughing:

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From that page I literally found this forum xD

The help page does not tell you to request support from OpenAI on the community forum.

you might have misunderstood the help page. Here’s the correct help section your looking for:


Logan (OpenAI Developer Advocate), post on this forum. You can see all of his post , including those that address your concern from this link.