Paid GPT Plus Member on the right DAY! - No Plugin Developer Access

Hi, we were a paid GPT Plus developer on the day Open AI announced “All paying GPT Plus Developers will be able to create plugins…”

We are effectively a startup and need to develop our plugin to secure funding. Can someone please have a look at our account and enable our plugin development capability? We have investors waiting…AND we want to go to market.


Thank-you @OpenAiSupport

Hi , @logankilpatrick can you please help us out? We are in pretty desperate need to demo our plugin to grow our company and get to market. Can we please get access?


Good luck. Welcome to the waiting club where we sit around and wait lol. I’m not putting down the openai team, but just letting you know that you shouldn’t build any business models around chatgpt plugins since it’s a long road ahead.

Checkout the openai functions though, if you haven’t already. That might be more useful for you right now. No need to wait on anyone.

Thanks for the welcome! I guess I better get comfortable as they are too busy ??? - should be easy for them to just enable a list of accounts. Not sure what the hold up is.

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I applied to the plugin program on May 17 and got in on June 15. Hope they actually get their act in gear and your wait is shorter.

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Why don’t open dev access for all plus account ?
Just with activation in our settings, like the access to the plugins…

I can thing of a good reason why OpenAI doesn’t open plugins to all developers at once: There’s already a huge backlog of support problems to deal with using limited staff, staff that can understand the code and look for safety problems, symptoms like the fact that even updating a plugin can take it off the market for weeks for review.