Help needed! Please assist me in getting approval for the Plus development access waitlist

I would like to build a plugin. I am a Plus member, and despite applying for several days, my application has not been approved. I kindly request your assistance. I have high expectations for building a plugin that will help improve the quality of GPT responses. However, I have not been granted the development access despite being at an advanced stage of 80% completion. The person who promised to help me with the publishing process deceived me and rejected my release request. Therefore, I need to apply for development access on my own. Could anyone provide assistance in this matter?

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Welcome to the forum!

Only OpenAI staff can grant ChatGPT plugin developer options.

As you know there is the waitlist. Then like everyone else you just have to wait. A few weeks ago everyone who was on the waitlist and a ChatGPT plus member at that time were granted Plugin developer options. It was a one time event. So being on the waitlist and being a ChatGPT plus subscriber is still your best option.

There have been many such post pleading with reasons to be granted access ahead of the waitlist and if those were granted then this site would quickly fill up with such request. Something we do not need.

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If you start development you should be able to finish it up when you get approval… it doesn’t help now but when you are approved you will go live that much faster