WANT: Get, Receive, See and Read responses from the Playground

Does the Playground actually work? Am I supposed to get responses using a free account I just created? I have tried several times. No response. And there is no helpful help here. I don’t expect anyone to respond to me or explain anything. If the intent of this website is to gaslight, then job well done.

Yes, ChatGPT, the OpenAI API and the Playground all work flawlessly for me (they are in beta); however, the ChatGPT and Playground sessions seems to expire quickly and the browser must be reloaded.

OpenAI blocks many countries. Here is a list of the supported countries.

OpenAI: Supported countries and territories

Are you in one of the supported countries per the list in the link above?

  • United States of America

I have a free account. How do I receive tokens to get playground responses?

I thought everyone who registered for a “free account” received $18 USD of credits.

Did you check your OpenAI account under the “Manage Account” (or what ever it’s called) tab?

Honestly, I only used the “Playground” once or twice, and mostly use the OpenAI API or ChatGPT directly.

No free credits for me. Manage Account displays an information-free graph showing me nothing, no usage of nothing.It does list a few requests I made showing no completions.

I have absolutely no idea what the above chart is supposed to mean. It was not included in any welcoming tutorial I ever saw.

Sorry to hear that.

Yeah, I would be bummed out as well if I was not granted $18 of credits when I signed up. I understand your frustration and sorry I cannot really help further, since I don’t have any privs with OpenAI and can’t grant you any credits.

Sorry about that.

It’s frustrating for many people because OpenAI has been at the top of the news recently and their systems and staff are totally overloaded. OpenAI public facing apps and API are currently all in beta and the overwhelming public interest has caught OpenAI off guard and they are working to ramp up to meet the current demands now that ChatGPT is famous and at the top of the news cycle.