Not able to try anything on playground

I received an email about getting access to GPT4 API on 29th March and when I am trying it today (1st April), it does not work! Am I missing something?

It appears those credits have already expired, that’s probably the issue you’re running into. Hope that helps!

I see that but does that mean I was given access to try the API for just 3 days??? :open_mouth:

You can’t use GPT-4 without adding a credit card — or at least I’ve seen quota issues with users who just got the API invite. To avoid this, just add a credit card — the API is reasonably priced.

Thanks Jofri! While trying to setup a payment method, it says “A temporary authorization hold will be placed on your card for $5.” I am using an Indian credit card and not sure how that works. Can we not use free trial access without a card? Is there no alternative?

I’m pretty sure you need to pay for your GPT 4 calls and that you don’t have any free number of tokens unfortunately. Any VISA or Mastercard type credit card supports temporary authorization if you have access to any of those. It’s basically saying “we will not charge you but check that you at least have $5 on the account to charge you later when using the API”.

But I’ve not made any calls after u got my access (got it just 3 days back)! Is there any way I can raise a ticket or can someone from OpenAI assist me on this?

The API credits expire 3 months after creating your account. So if you made an account 6 months ago, and then got GPT-4 access last week, you will have no free credits and need to pay for usage.

No Logan, I created the account recently when I had to apply for the waitlist. I’m not sure what’s going wrong with my account! I really want to test the APIs for my use cases. :disappointed: