Want to ask some questions about Free trial usage

Hello dear developer, I just registered my chatgpt account yesterday. I saw that the previous publicity and my friend’s account will give a free trial of $18 api, but the free trial in my account is 0. I really want to experience this feature, can you give my account a free trial credit of $18?

Hi @wk.marcus.x,

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To answer your question: Most likely the phone number you used to set up your account was used before to register a account. The trial credits are given based on your phone number not account creation or E-Mail-Adress

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Hi, I just registered an account. I didnt get get any credit. how do get credits? I have given phone number as well

To use open ai image generation API do we have to set up our card on the website? I already have 18 dollars as free credits. Still, do I have to set up my card?

Hi @saksham.me19, for image generation it is something different as it is a different solution.

→ You get 15 Credits each month, if you want to use more you’d have to purchase them seperatly.

Refer to this article for further billing instructions: How DALL·E Credits Work | OpenAI Help Center

Hope that helps you!

I’m seeing a related problem for my account. I registered my ChatGPT account on March 31.
On my account page, I saw a $18 credit. I used about $0.02 on March 31.
However, the next day (April 1), the remaining credit shows as expired. Thus, although I was given $18 credit, I only got to use $0.02 of it.

Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I signed up on the last day of the month (or last day of the quarter).
I reported this in the Help window, but never got any response from them.