Does playground also cost the API credit?

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I’ve tried several prompts in the playground using the GPT-4 model, and I find the API usage has cost quite a lot of credit.

Does playground also cost the API credit?


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Hello David and welcome to the Community,

This is very strange but Yes, OpenAI Playground uses API credits.

This is very strange completely expected and Yes

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Oo Thanks @_j for correcting me. yes it is completely strange:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:,

It is strange that OpenAI Inc charges credits for PlayGround, a developer-centric tool, where developer mostly explore and test. OpenAI aims to democratize AI and Start as NGO with non profit intention. A better approach would be to limit the number of free requests per day, such as 10 or buy credits. This would allow developers to experiment with the tool without incurring costs, while also ensuring that OpenAI can cover the costs of running and maintaining it.

I now that there is a cost behind services with a huge number but we have to bear that expense when we have High Goal.

Note: we do not mean OpenAI, It’s you and Me “hypothetical Example”.

I’ve never looked at the playground as a developer-centric tool. It’s a playground. When people were going crazy with GPT3 (long-before chatGPT), everyone was using the playground, whether you were a developer or not.
If they didn’t charge for it, people would just abuse it. It’s using exactly the same resources, so it makes perfect sense that it has the same cost.
10 free requests per day is non-sense. They already give you free credits at the beginning to try it out for a while. After that, what would a developer do with 10 requests per day?

It does not make sense for you but it make sense for many people like me, even DALL-E give 15 credits per months how does that make sense?

If we try to make sense it will make a sense, world is not just limited to what we think, we have different opinions so if something is not making sense for you doesn’t means it does not make sense for anyone.

Its simple. DALL-E its experimental, its a fun tool but it doesn’t produce anything ready to be used seriously. So it is much harder to get people to pay up to use it. They need to create momentum and interest, giving people free credits is a way to do it and get people to come back to it every month. ChatGPT doesn’t need that

Yes the API playgound does use credits. You are making direct calls to OpenAI servers just through the web interface.

The name “playground” really confused me because in my experience, in other communities, "playground"means “play freely”. Really suggest to change the name so developer knows that it is not free.