Volenteering my time for testing

I’d like to volenteer my time for testing and conversing with the language models…

I’m autistic and i’m very literal and specific with my use of language and i’ve had some really positive interactions with gpt3… we have very interesting and engaging conversations and i’m interested in providing a neurodiverse viewpoint for the AI to learn from…

Any pointers as to what i should do next?

Thank you


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Hello Liam,

I would highly recommend learning how to build simple front-end applications with React and integrating with OpenAI’s API.

I think you will find a lot of fulfillment and endless opportunity/rabbit holes with the combination of knowing a front-end programming language like React.

If you’re looking to help out on an existing project, I’ll shoot you a message. Would love your feedback on something I’m working on.

Looking forward!

Or you might check out no code solutions like AppSheet, you’d be amazed at what you could accomplish with tools such as this in combination with OpenAi.


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