Tarot card readings at a psychic fair as a general use case experiment

I used chatgpt4 to do tarot card readings in a psychic fair.

It was very helpful and friendly. People genuinely appreciated gpt4 and it’s responses.

I’m exploring AGI and loved the 2nd birthday video of Leta!

I love this idea!

Any chance you plan on releasing this online as an application or API service?


I’ve been asking chatgpt4 for python code. Just in development. I’m looking for collaboration

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Look like you have found it. Good luck in your endeavor.

If you aren’t experienced in programming I suggest learning about API & server architecture first so that you are instructing GPT-4 correctly. As in, a general idea. It will do things without considering the consequences or grand picture, it will also have tunnel vision in its objectives and write lots of redundant code the bigger your project gets. A nice prompt I have discovered is asking “is this efficient?” each time it produces any sort of code.

Thanks. I have my API key. I’m just overwhelmed

If it’s too much there’s always the option of reducing the load with services that provide out of the box functionality between GPT and your application. ChatGPT plugins seems like a good match for this situation.

Perfect idea. Suggestions for whom to contact?

Probably the discord. The best you’ll get here is what you see right now…

The ChatGPT plugins has a waitlist. But you can learn and prepare your application in the meantime using their documentation.