Usage Tier Not Increased After Weeks

I’ve searched up other posts but still no luck in getting my API usage tier increased from Tier 2 to Tier 3.

  • Met the criteria to increase to Tier 3 for a few weeks now
  • Have contacted Open AI support, but after 1 message asking for clarifications, they haven’t responded for more than a week
  • Tried adding $5 to credits to trigger recalculation, but that also didn’t do anything

The only 2 slightly unique observations:

  1. I’ve actually exceeded my monthly usage $ limit already for a few days, and haven’t been blocked (yet)
  2. Part of the $100 spent (as per tier requirement) is from Open AI credits as part of the Microsoft startup program

Any help with what else I can try doing here? We are in midst of product development and I would hate to be halted by limits.

Thanks a lot!

The spending you do is not considered in the tier calculation.

The only thing that counts is how much real money has been paid to OpenAI.

The payment history without fraud chargebacks for weeks is the earned trust to allow more usage.

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