Tiers don't update if usage happens outside Default Project

Our company (registered on the email of this user) has crossed the threshold for TIER 2 over 72h ago, but the tiers are not updating. The only reason we can think of, is because the usage happened inside a project (called Production) instead of the default organization project.

We’ve reached to support multiple times and reported a bug through the chat to no avail. We might just have to start using the default project.

Here you can see screenshots of the organization billing overview, the project billing, and our tiers (sorry for the collage, new user so it’s limited:

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Tier is not measured by usage, but by past payments to OpenAI and the waiting period that comes after them.

Send another $5 for a recalculation based on the $105 you will have then paid.

Support ended up replying and bumping us to tier 3 :slight_smile: