Move from Tier 1 to Tier 2

We have used up more than 90% of our Tier 1 limit. I cannot increase the limit to more than $120. Even though we meet the criteria for tier 2, our org hasn’t been automatically given tier 2 limits.
I have contacted OpenAI support 2 times this month and the issue has not been resolved, I just get the same boilerplate answer.

This month’s usage is $113 and more than 7 days have passed since the successful payment. Our balance is now more than $2000. Could you please suggest how I can talk to a real support to solve the problem?
Thank you!

Boilerplate reply from support: Hi there, Sorry you’re running into errors regarding hitting your quota usage! For context, quota refers to the monthly spend limit on our API. If you are currently on our Explore plan, which is our free trial plan on the API, your usage limit is $5. In order to use the API further, please upgrade to our Pay-As-You-Go plan by adding your credit card and billing details to your account, which will increase your usage quota to $120/month. If you belong to multiple organizations, you might accidentally be in an org that is not on the Pay-As-You-Go plan, so change your default organization to control which organization is used by default when making requests with your API key. If you’re a Pay-As-You-Go user, try: increasing your monthly budget if your monthly budget (a monthly usage threshold you can set) is less than your approved usage limit (maximum usage OpenAI allows for your organization each month). increasing your usage limit by increasing your usage tier if your monthly budget equals your approved usage and has been reached. In the future, you can adjust your email notification threshold If these steps don’t resolve your issue, please provide more details, and I’ll be glad to help you further! Best,
OpenAI Team