URL query param to open chat with initial message


I would like to redirect my users with their query directly to chat gpt like:

I have new tab chrome extension and would like to provide ChatGPT like google on start page.



That would be an excellent idea to be implemented on ChatGPT App

Will incorporate this feature in our software within a day when this is released!

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For other searching for this knowledge, it has been implemented as requested.
Certainly appears to work for me.

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It works with custom GPTs too!

Is this new functionality?

I used it for a little website of mine. It worked a week ago, but now it doesn’t. Anybody got updates on that?

I am using this feature to begin new conversations with ChatGPT, but is there also a way to continue a running conversation? I have tried [base url] /c/ds92abfd-cb72-981a-bd0e-6dd134560ffe?q=Hello, but that didn’t work.

It would be great if we can have this feature working again!

I just tried it and it seems to work for me!