Make GPT return clickable links in chat

I’ve supplied my GPT with a knowledgebase PDF that includes links, but it still often won’t provide those links to the user. I’ve explicitly told it to return direct links but it often won’t.

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Hi @annarmills

You can simply mention in the instructions in the GPT Builder view:
"Use markdown to include clickable links in the chat"

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That doesn’t work either: the URLs become unclickable after being displayed.

You can specify the markdown syntax to use

[Visit OpenAI!](

Here it is working on my ChatGPT instance:


There used to be an issue where constructed links were disallowed.

however, there now seems to be a whitelist of some sort. The youtube url works, and the second one becomes unclickable. conversation

So it’s possible that you’re running into this issue, unfortunately :confused:

they only become clickable if they’re explicitly in the context: ChatGPT

edit: chat link wasn’t updated properly

You are using a mobile device?
Try on a desktop or laptop.

Here you go:

Yes, it works if I get the Chat to generate the link during a conversation, or if I included a hardcoded URL.
But it doesn’t work if my GPT gets the URL from its Excel knowledge file and presents it as part of its response.

Is there some type of restriction about displaying “generated” URLs?
For example, if the URL includes a GUID.
Is there really a white-list like it was mentioned above?

is this legal? will I got ban or my GPT removed, if I add a link

Popping up ads in the responses from a GPT certainly won’t endear yourself to users, who have a “report” button…

I am adding link to download list of numbers , that help them to work with my custochatGPT. , you said some users will report the GPT for what? I read Open ai terms, so I dont use anything that agains there terms. but of course dont want to get baned., I have option to add Paid link to my store, or give them for free… that also . I have , so not sure how that works,

something like this , will be a problem?

Having the AI produce markdown links that can be clicked on is not prohibited.

See, for example, a GPT I just whipped up to do searches and clicks behind the scenes to make sure it is giving real links. It then answers only with site recommendations.

(The AI cannot produce reliable links simply from its knowledge.)

It can offer links to files it created in code interpreter, file citations, and more.

I’m sure you’ll have a sense of what kind of links could run afoul of user expectations on OpenAI’s platform. Something that bypasses a site’s paywall or ads to offer their content would likely be objectionable to the publisher and therefore OpenAI.

There’s nothing that I’m aware of that prohibits links on GPTs.

I don’t believe it’s the link sharing that will get an account banned; instead, it’s what you’re sharing in the link.

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