Acceding GPTs via API that accepts parameters and can process information internally to customize response based on parameters in the URL

Hey community so I was thinking about in what form factors I could use GPT.

Currently I think is not available to access the GPT via an api.

What I want is to create a iOS Shortcut. A shortcut to target my GPT and pass some params on it.

For example I’m thinking something like this$Diego

o this link is composed by a general URL

Then a token to generated from my account dashboard in open AI (this doesn’t exist) that whitlisted the Token so only calls with this token to my GPT are allowed (this to prevent other people using mine GPT that would be associated to my credit card to pay the API usage)

Then the GPT targeting

Finally my custom parameter, ideally many parameters. There is the symbol to indicate that the following string after the is the string of the first parameter

Multiple $ multiple params.


So this GPT would be a programmer helping people with the technology in my case 8thwall.

And I want to call thisGPT to get a personalized response finetuned to better talk to me based on the last parameter.

So I’ll have 4 different personalities that talk in a way to the user interacting with the GPT.

The first Parmeter is my name.

The second params is a param to indicate what personality and type of answer give me based on a listo of options the GPT present st the beginning of the conversation.

Ideally the conversation would be like this

User: hi

GPT: hi, before we start interacting

How do you want me to refers to you?

Also what is your level of expertise with 8thwall technologies?

Please choose from this list


Then the final URL would look like this$Diego$Begginer

So this is the request

Here is how I would use it.

I could connect the action button in my Apple Watch to trigger the shortcut. This shortcut can be used on iOS, MacsOs and VisionOS.

So this allow me to use the GPT from inside the vision Pro, from inside my Mac from my iPhone. And potentially on Android devices too.

Do I would have a question to my GPT and my GPT can refers to me like Jarvis from iron man in terms of custom Answers.

Users: Hi mike(nameofGpt)
GPT: Hi Diego, how I can help you today?

User: I’m having trouble with some code, can you help me out!?
GPT: yes, of course Diego, I catch you pal, provide me with the code and I’ll to help you. Please describe the situation or open the app of chatGPT and in our conversation, upload the code so I can check what is happening.

User: awesome…

user talks to GPT and then switches to app from phone or url in the web where uploaded the code or where posted the code

That’s it… what do you think!?

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Ability to add custom Params to GPTs will be awesome and unlock so many use cases.