URL to pass prompt into GPT

Does anyone know if it’s possible to pass a pre-filled prompt into a GPT?

It would be extremely valuable to pass arguments into a GPT that could allow a user to click on a link in an app/website/email and go directly into a GPT with a partial pre-filled prompt

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can you please explain do you want to go to the open ai interface or you want a predined prompt for calling an api

My first idea would be to use the conversation starters and instruct the model to ask the user for the missing information.

Otherwise I believe you would have to execute JS on the page to fill in the text field and this requires more interaction from the user.

Another idea would be to create an action that would get the prompt template from a server and you ask the user to prompt something like “Start” and have the GPT retrieve the template with the first message.

Ultimately if you really wanted to make it as easy as possible for the user, a browser extensions should be able to fill in the prompt template after the page has fully loaded.

Hope this helps!