Urgent : Increase my Monthly Usage Limit for my Account, Production App Broken


I am using your API in production for my startup. I hit the monthly usage limit. And the API is not functional anymore. And this has completely halted our production from working and things have to come to a halt.

I already applied the request increase over a week, via the form. To increase my monthly limit. But I have not heard back anything and the limit stays. This is affecting our production and my users?

Can you someone let me know how to speed up the process here? My users are unhappy :confused:


I can tell what I’ve inferred, in hopes of increasing success.

First, make sure you’re receiving email at the one you used to sign up, or by the authentication service you used to sign up. See if any email has been put in a spam folder.

Secondly, I anticipate that OpenAI would want to see successful billings history, for their own security. Much earlier, though, others have been increased even while still in trial.

Essentially, in the form, make your business case, your application use and monthly plans, and current usage trends and users known. The more they know, the more they could agree. See rate limits page at the bottom for examples of app and company info one could provide (for that different kind of increase).

People are seemingly bumped up in tiers. 120->500, 500->1000, 1000->2000. Although you can write your case for more, I wouldn’t request more than the next jump in the form field, as this tier system and the amount you request might not be something an agent can override.

Ensure you are clicking from within your account so the organization field is auto-filled, and then also verify it.

Resubmission will replace any unprocessed request with the new one. Documentation doesn’t say if you lose your place in line.

Good luck. You might want to get another account opened and prepay credits for the interim.


This is super helpful! I will do as suggested. I did not about the Tier System. I am probably going to change my limit to the lowest jump in the tier.

@_j just came back here to say thank you! With 2000 euro limit; it stayed there for 1 week and more without any response. But when I changed that to 500 euro limit; got the response in 2 days.

Posting here also for others and in the hope someone else find this helpful.