Been waiting for the increase of usage limit

Request for increase of usage limit was sent days ago… but haven’t heard back, anyone knows what’s going on? I am running services in a production environment, kind of urgent…

Thanks a lot.

Just a heads up, you aren’t notified when they approve your increase. I don’t know if there is a way to speed up the process but just keep checking the Usage tab

Yeah, same last time when I was approved for an increase, but my usage is about to hit the limit within a few more days, worrying…

I found a post from last year saying that the application process took a week, so I can only wait. If it gets approved, I’ll update it.

GPT-4 is great, but for now, the $120 limit is appropriate for using GPT-3. Some have calculated that the consumption rate of GPT-4 is several times faster than GPT-3, so the limit should also be increased by several tens of times, around $2000 would be more appropriate.

I am spending $120 a day on GPT-4…

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GPT-4 is not only more expensive than GPT-3, but also produces longer responses. However, it is truly professional. Problems that I struggled with for half a day using GPT-3 were solved in just one attempt with GPT-4. :joy:


I made a request two days ago and no news, so you have to wait a week ?? It’s long!, I need to configure my program which uses the API according to the payment limit and it’s rather urgent!

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I applied on April 1st and got approved today. OpenAI is still very efficient. :+1:

It’s been 2 weeks… not hearing back anything…

What was your limit increased to? Default limit of 100 USD is quiet low, I am wondering if they are willing to increase it to thousands?

Currently 1,000, trying to get 50,000 or above.

9000, if your usage is large enough and you’ve used it all up, it would be a reasonable request to estimate a higher usage based on your usage. :sunglasses: