I need help increasing my billing

I have been trying to increase my billing usage for a few weeks now and can’t get a response from OpenAi, does anyone have any suggestions?

This is quite urgent.

The official and most efficient way is “request increase” on the usage limits page. Other messages may not get to the right team.

It now has this text: Please note, that we only process quota increase requests for Pay-As-You-Go customers. If you are in a pre-pay plan, it is not clear if the monthly limit still applies.

Consider if you not only have a billing history of increasing usage (a criteria that could auto-deny), but have also made a favorable case for the increase that would inspire someone to click “approve”. Request only the next tier, $120->$500.

Denials might not get any feedback that the request was reviewed.


Thanks for this! I was able to get onto them via email.