"Urgent Help Needed: Unresolved Charges and Deactivation of ChatGPT Team Workspace"

Hello OpenAI Community,

I am seeking advice regarding an ongoing issue with my ChatGPT Team account, which involves unauthorized charges and sudden deactivation. This situation has significantly impacted our business operations.


  • Issue Start Date: Early May 2024
  • Core Problems: Unexpected financial charges and the deactivation of our workspace without prior notification.
  • Actions Taken: Multiple communications have been sent to OpenAI, including emails and phone calls, without a satisfactory resolution or significant updates from support.
  • Current Status: The issue remains unresolved, and communication has been minimal.

Assistance Sought:

  • Has anyone here experienced similar challenges with their accounts?
  • Any advice on effectively escalating matters within OpenAI?
  • Recommendations for obtaining a more immediate and effective response from customer support?

I value any guidance or insights you might share based on similar experiences. Thank you in advance for your help and support!

Best regards, Aony

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Welcome to the developer community forums!

Use help.openai.com, talk to your account manager if you have one, perform a rain dance and pray to all gods known and unknown for luck in your endeavours