Billing Issues: Unable to Utilize Paid ChatGPT Team Licenses and Support

Dear OpenAI community,

I’m reaching out to report an urgent issue I’ve encountered regarding billing, which is severely impacting my ability to use the paid licenses of the ChatGPT Team I’ve subscribed to, as well as access associated support.

Despite having paid for the licenses, I am unable to use them due to an ongoing issue with OpenAI’s billing system. Additionally, I cannot access the support associated with these paid licenses since my account is considered free.

Not being able to access support exacerbates the problem as I cannot seek help to resolve it which forces me to turn to this community.

I imagine that it is a problem that will be affecting more users and that the OpenAI team will already be aware of it and must resolve it and guarantee that paid subscribers like me can access the services for which they have paid without any impediment. It’s really frustrating. What will happen to the paid days when I cannot enjoy the service? How do you ensure that a paying user receives the correct support they are paying for?

Thank you.

Best regards,