Urgent Help Needed: Service Interruption and Unresponsive Support for Team Account

Hi everyone,

I’m having trouble with an extra seat mistakenly added to my team account, which is already paid for a year for 2 seats. I sent an email about this issue a week ago but haven’t received a response. Now, my service has been cut off, and my claims in the chat are also unanswered.

I’ve also tried reaching support by phone, but the line is always busy. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do next? Any help would be greatly appreciated!


OpenAI does not have a support email.

OpenAI does not have a support phone number, so I would be curious how you managed this.

The only available support is via http://help.openai.com.

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  1. OpenAI no longer users the support email and hasn’t for several months.
  2. OpenAI has never had a support phone number, whatever number that is is unlikely to ever be answered even if it is associated with OpenAI.
  3. The only support method offered by OpenAI is https://help.openai.com.

When the workspace was active, that email appeared. I would like to know if you are the authorized person to respond to that. Are you telling me that there is no email to make a claim for the service? On the other hand, I need a solution. You are not providing a solution, only more doubts.

The solution is to contact support through https://help.openai.com.

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I also sent a message through that chat, but I did not receive any answer. So, does OpenAI have only one way (online chat) to get support? Really? We paid for a year, and we have to wait until the enterprise decides to respond?
What about if they dont replay? What can I do?

They normally reply within two weeks.

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