Upgrade Monthly Usage Limit

Hey OpenAI team!

Just touching base because I’m super excited about launching the API for my company’s audience. But here’s the thing - I’m a bit worried that our current $120 credit limit might run out faster than a roadrunner once we go live.

I’ve actually reached out via email a few days ago to request an increase in our monthly quota, but I haven’t heard back yet. I understand everyone’s super busy, but I’m starting to get a bit anxious as our launch day approaches.

I know there’s a Quota Increase Request Form for us paying API customers, and I’ve filled that out too. I’m just really keen to get this sorted so we can make our launch a smashing success!

I’ll keep an eye on my spam folder and other inboxes, but I thought I’d reach out here too, just in case. Really appreciate your help with this!

Thanks a ton!

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Welcome to the developer forum!

In my experience it’s difficult to get a quota increase without first having demonstrated usage statistics to show. There is also typically a desire to see a history of paid invoices.

Start taking a look at Azure OpenAI services as well if you’re building a serious app. I don’t believe they have billing limits and have a more established support infrastructure.

Can a business spin up three accounts and put a bit of load balancing code into their API calls, or is that prohibited? I’m just curious because I’m just a random nobody hobbyist, but I could hit the usage limit pretty easily if I was specifically testing some of my same applications on GPT-4.

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I asked this before and got no response. The terms of use explicitly state that it’s not allowed for you to make multiple unpaid accounts, but nothing about multiple paid accounts. That said, since their intent is to increase access first, they probably wouldn’t like it even if it’s allowed? Just spitballing.