Usage Quota Increase wait times?

Anyone know what current wait times on API quota increases are? I made my most recent request almost a week ago now and it still hasn’t been approved. Now my app is kneecapped because we hit our limit.

This is my 4th time (I think) asking for an increase (from $2k to $4k). Doesn’t seem like it’s taken this long in the past… and now my support tickets/complaints are starting to pile up. :sweat_smile::grimacing:

My users want their GPT back! lol

For actual production you should switch to the OpenAI services offered via Microsoft Azure.

As far as I can tell OpenAI is not trying to be more than the provider of the models powering your app. Instead Microsoft handles the scale and Open AI develops and maintains the models.

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I’ve read through the terms several times and don’t see anything wrong with creating another account with another credit card and another phone number, and then rotating keys. The terms have a sentence about not creating duplicate free accounts, but says nothing about paid accounts.

Do you have another person at your business who can contribute and provide a secondary key to rotate?

The idea is not bad but the problem I see is that the rate limit of the new account will be very low. You would have to request a rate expansion very soon or use many accounts and ultimately end up in the same situation.

I wish it was different but here we are.

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OpenAI put explicit Tiers in their limit request form which is helpful. They’re pretty high, too. I like the way they’re doing it… essentially forcing builders to find product-market-fit before giving them increased throughput. That’s definitely reasonable.

The limitations on GPT4 suck (and no limit increases on the higher context limits), but I bet we’re just a couple months or maybe even weeks away from another announcement or model upgrade that will be another big throughput increase for 4.

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