NeedHelp: Increase usage limit

Our team requested to increase the monthly usage limit from $120 to $1000, but we haven’t heard back for quite some time. We’re all set to showcase our product to several VCs this week, but now we’re running out of tokens. Anyone else encountered this? OpenAI claims that they would process it within 1-2 business days, but obviously they’re overloaded. So how long does it actually take for them to approve such requests?

The next bump up after $120 seems to be $500.

Common sense would be that a good escalating payment history would qualify you, but there was a poster here that had it increased twice a bit back, only then to come to the forum to wonder how to enter a credit card after the free trial ran out.

There’s been a lot of non-response reported with times of waiting for weeks, but we can only see those who aren’t serviced quickly and share their dissatisfaction.

Consider even $1000 though: If you have a product that adds 100% value to the API services, your net revenue tops at $33 per day.

For one specific business case use with growth opportunity, I would sign up for Microsoft Azure, and then apply for OpenAI services on Azure, a form needing your application details. The only thing they don’t currently support is function-calling with the gpt-3.5 model.

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Thanks for the insightful response to OPs post. Am I right in thinking that Azure also doesn’t support Whisper API yet?

It also is open source, and can be trained and installed on CPU hardware.

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Thanks. That’s helpful. Apologies for my ignorance