Understanding the limit of phone numbers associated with OPENAI - 2 account limit?

I have come to understand the 2 phone number limit for linked accounts - however I am having an issue establishing a 2nd account. The reason I need a new account is my original gmail linked account is being deprecated. When I try to register a new account, it says I’ve hit my limit, but I do not have a second account, never have.

Do you have to delete the current account before you’re allowed to create a second, or does the message mean I have a phantom account out there?

You’re on the right path - since the email can’t be changed on an account, the only option one has is setting up another account - or keep using that one until the chance that someone else might regain control of your email by it reverting to a company.

This has come up sometimes - and even people that have tried signing up for the very first time have reported “phone number already in use”.

I don’t know the chances of success in getting this second position cleared up for use, but you can message via the assistant at the lower-right of help.openai.com. It will take several clicks through preset choices before you are actually able to send a message for account support.

You would not want to delete an account except for the most extreme reasons, as that will make a phone number forever unusable again for OpenAI.

Wishing you luck!

Thank you - that helps… even if just knowing there is a “way” to get a unique question through. One thing to note, I’m not “loosing” my email, but I’m turning off a google workspace account which is used for the SSO. If I could, as I have in every other platform, convert from a SSO to a password login I would be fine.

So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in finding a path to disassociate the Google SSO tie though. If there is any hope there, I’d appreciate pointers. Otherwise, I’ll try to work past the “phone tree” chat!

I see, if it was simply a username/password, then you could keep on using (until they see fit to send some email confirmation), or until you need to reset your password by receiving that email.

Turning off your authentication account, though. Plonk! Every site you ever used that, disabled.

The worst situation would be you need to find another mobile phone. Like a relative that’s never heard of the chad-gdp.

Ha - true story on turning off an authentication account. However, after months of thinking about, but dreading, that tasks, I’ve found in most applications it’s not that hard. There’s a two step process to “reset a password”, then an option to disable the SSO link. Here though, I requested a reset password but no email ever came through.

It’s been a long day though, this is the last account I need to find a way to migrate before making the full switch. I’ll maybe look at trying to reset/establish a password again in the morning. Thanks for the feedback!

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Quick update here - by getting through the chat bot to give feedback, I discovered the Discord Channel for OpenAI. Might be a solid place to try to get more near real time support.