Phone number limit blocking new work-account

My apologies if this has been discussed somewhere, but unfortunately the built-in help-center applet doesn’t let me ask this question, and I couldn’t find this in the help documentation anywhere.

This is an account help post. Feel free to move this to the right area.

My situation is as follows.

I made two personal accounts on accident, because I somehow could create an account with a gmail address and then click “sign in with Google” and the openAI system did not recognize them as the same. Thus my phone number got associated with two personal accounts. (I just deleted the non-Google-SignOn account.)

The problem is that I now cannot create a work-account for chatGPT because my phone number is now associated with two accounts that should have been the same account. Is this something that will eventually be repaired since I deleted the superfluous account?

Thank you!


I would go to, in the bottom right there is a button that allows you to contact a team member.