Unable to use API, phone number reached max uses

Hello, is there anyone who knows someone at OpenAI who can help unblock me?

I changed jobs, and am unable to generate API keys with my new, paid work account because my personal cell phone number was already used with my own account and previous work accounts.

This seems like such a ridiculous way to verify enterprise users, forcing people to use their personal cell phones. What are people supposed to do when they switch jobs, or consultants who have to work with multiple organizations?

Anyway…I’m sorry for posting this here but OpenAI’s support seems non-existent as I can’t open a ticket, can’t call for support, and can’t even get their chatbot to assist.

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It’s a good idea to clarify to yourself the concern with your present account associated with a company:

  • is it that you used a company email to sign up, and are losing access to the email?

This doesn’t immediately impact you, but has the risk that the company can receive password resets if they now have control of the email inbox.

OpenAI cannot and will not change authentication methods associated with an account.

Were you actually a member of a 150+ seat company that was using ChatGPT Enterprise to manage its users?

You say you also have your own account. Is that not sufficient?

None of us fellow users can affect accounts, such as allowing more accounts to be created per phone number. You would have to contact OpenAI support by help.openai.com assistant widget messages.

No. As I mentioned in the title of my post I can’t access the API.

I have access to my email. I can’t generate an API key because it requires a personal cell phone number for verification. OpenAI limits the number of times you can do this to three:

Phone numbers: New accounts are still subject to our limit of 3 accounts per phone number. Deleted accounts also count toward this limit. Deleting an account does not free up another spot. A phone number can only ever be used up to 3 times for verification to generate the first API key for your account on platform.openai.com.

I need to use the API for my job, my company has paid for the subscription, but OpenAI won’t lift a finger to help me. Are there any employees who read these forums who can help???

Isn’t your company supposed to furnish you with the equipment required to execute your job? If you need a work phone, you need a work phone. :person_shrugging:

I don’t need a work phone for my regular job duties. I need API access to OpenAI, which is only achievable with a cell phone or a land line. The phone is used exactly once to verify your first API key creation, after that it is never used again. It’s silly and unreasonable to expect my company to buy me a cell phone for a single identity verification.

OpenAI really needs to reconsider its method for verifying identity of enterprise customers…

I’m just suggesting that comingling your work identity with your private identity isn’t a good idea. and if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have this particular issue. but that’s none of my business :person_shrugging:

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I understand your frustration, but this is a security requirement and there is currently no way to bypass this.

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@Foxalabs tell me then what are enterprise paying customers supposed to do if they switch jobs. Do we need to acquire a new cell phone every time we want to use the OpenAI API? Or what about consultants who need access to multiple clients organizations?

Anyway, I understand this is a community forum but I’m at my wit’s end. I can’t get OpenAI to help. The snarky and non-helpful posts are not helpful.

I’ll ask one more time - if anyone knows someone at OpenAI who can help me please reach out in a DM. This will be my last post here in the forums about this.

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I’m sorry you felt that this was too snarky. It might have been.

Are you guys starting a new consulting business?

Typically, when you switch employer, the employer needs to cover your work equipment. A phone is often necessary, simply as a 2FA device.

When you switch engagements (your employer entering a contract with a buyer), your employer negotiates what work is supposed to be done, and how. Whose accounts should be used, what devices should be used, who provisions them, who pays for them, how they’re accessed, etc. Under no circumstances would you ever use a personal device or account!

Some companies have a BYOD program, but that typically involves getting your device wiped, the use reimbursed, and the company owning all data on that device.

The sanctioned approach would be to have a work account (with your employer), which would be invited into your clients’ org, by your client’s org admin. This way, you won’t have to make a new account for every engagement.

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The forum leaders meet with OpenAI staff regularly and I will pass your comment on, but as I mentioned this is not a new request and has been brought up in the past. There should be no reason that you use your own phone number when setting up a clients account, the account should be owned by the client and use their details.

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I’m not surprised that this is not a new request. Forcing customers to provide a cell phone number to generate their first API key is a ham-fisted and inefficient way to prevent abuse because it unnecessarily punishes legitimate users while doing very little to prevent rogue API keys from being acquired other ways.

AWS, Google, Microsoft and hundreds of other companies have already solved this problem with SSO and other forms of MFA. Locking you out by chaining users to a cell phone number is short sighted and detrimental to the business.

I’m right in the ideal customer profile for OpenAI. I work for and with enterprise organizations, I’ve contributed an open source chatbot that uses the API, and I’ve brought at least three paying customers now into the business.

It’s insane that I can’t generate a new API key because OpenAI can’t figure out how to support enterprise customers without requiring every developer to provide a phone number.

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It’s about ensuring the location of the users, AI is a US technology export restricted commodity and as such there is a duty for OpenAI to ensure that it is not used in territories that are not supported by US trade regulations. I am sure OpenAI would like as many customers in as many places as possible, but that is not the environment in which they are working, sadly.

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Ok, well I appreciate your hearing me out. And if you are able to speak with the powers that be up in the OpenAI ivory tower, please let them know there are frustrated, paid customers out here who can’t use their APIs for work.

At this point I can’t recommend OpenAI to any enterprise organization that wants to build a sustainable LLM strategy. The fact that you can’t even open a support ticket as a paid customer is a huge red flag, especially considering the huge amounts of money they have.

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i got the exact same problem jesus
suddednly i cant access my enterprise api key page
while i still have full access to chatgpt enterprise version
what can i do?

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The answers here are not good. I was just baffled by this exact same thing now I’ve connected my personal phone number to a work account with no way to change it or delete it.

No, my employer should not be forced to provide a cell phone to me. Openai should have other ways to verify the account to get an api key. This is absurd.

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While it can be frustrating to hit limits, it’s also a sign you’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Keep up the awesome work!