Freeing up a phone number "slot" for a new work account

I have two personal accounts with OpenAI. One I use, and one I don’t really (made with an alternate email, not sure why I did this).

Now I can’t create a new account for work because “My Phone Number is tied to too many accounts”. I would really prefer just to delete my unused personal account to free up that phone number “slot”. But I see messages on the forum here that this will not really work, and the phone number will still be tied up. Is it possible to get some support on this issue? It’s blocking my work usage of the API. AFAIK my accounts are in good standing and have never been banned or had any issues.


I got the same issue…
I want to use my company account but got “My Phone Number is tied to too many accounts” with my phone.
please help :cry:

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Same issue here. I’m so excited to get a proper account setup. Now I’m stuck.