"unable to upload" files problem GPT-4 NO docx, pdf, txt, csv, jpg

Hi folks, I have a problem uploading files, both in the Default option, I can not upload images, once the upload starts, it stops and shows the warning “unable to upload…”, the same happens in the Beta option of Advanced Data Analysis, where I get the same warning of “unable to upload…” every time I try to upload a txt, docx, pdf, cvs or any other file. Does anyone know what could be happening, do you have the same difficulty?


I am also getting the same type of problem.
How have you solved it?


I have exactly the same problem
How should it be fixed?

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i know you should change your ip and use vpn.

Have the same problem. Guessing it’s bug. Any idea how to report it?

For me, PDFs < 1MB work and those above 1 MB don’t.

Started working, just after I posted my last message!

Im having problems uploading as well, right now is the same once it worked, and now on other GPTs is not working.

I have the same problem, i cant upload like files about 5mo

I have also the same problem. And many times that’s so

I am getting this error over and over again. l can’t use any knowledge based files for custom GPTs.


I am facing the same issue. Unable to upload any doc or pdf files. It says the limit is 20 mb but still not able to upload a file of 4mb and even less. It loads and the bar is almost full but stops and shows the message.

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me too
this is super annoying… tried doing all the requested stuff in order to fix it but it just doesn’t work.
anyone knows if CHATGPT are aware of this?

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