Can't upload PDFs to custom GPT creator

Hi, we’re testing the Team version, before we make decision for the enterprise.
After uploading PDFs few times while recording a demo for stakeholders all of a sudden I can’t do it again. There’s no information other than the file couldn’t be uploaded, no information of any limits or what caused the error.
Just a second ago I was able to upload these files without issues.
I checked other threads but there are no clear solutions (I don’t want to have code interpreting on that gpt - this was supposedly one of the solutions).
I would like actually OpenAI to address it, in other topics with this issue, there was no legit response from OpenAI, just community guessing. It doesn’t look good as a reliable business partner.
At least it helps us to find motivation to try AWS Q*


I cannot contribute a solution to your problem, but I would advise you not to hope to get an answer from OpenAI on this forum.

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