Unable To Share Chat [BUG||FEATURE]

Free users cannot use shared chat; it states that non-paid users must upgrade to create their own GPT :confused: I want to use that chat, not create my own GPT.

Does this mean the chat we share is being recorded as GPT? And why is it asking for feedback when it is not even used?

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The option to continue a shared chat has been removed some months ago.

When I follow the link I am being prompted to get started with ChatGPT. OnClick it’s forwarding me to the start page of the app or web interface. The message you are seeing regarding GPTs appears to be some type of A/B testing.
It seems to me it’s just a call to action to sign up as a paid user. I don’t think all conversations are ‘being recorded as GPT’, but it surely is confusing.

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Really, @vb I last used it on January 8, 2024. It was working back then.

Do you have any reliable sources for that it removed months ago. because, as of January 8, it is working?

Yes, I believe it is CTA because creating GPT requires some personal information.

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You can still share chats but the person you are sharing the chat with cannot continue the chat but has to start a new one.

This is because some people tricked the recipients with clever prepared chats and custom instructions (which are not shared) and some access rights issues on top.

Do you mean something else?

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