Taking the shared link for a spin

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I tryed the share link on the Chat GPT yesterday and first impressions is " I LIKE IT. " The ability to share your work with colleagues, work mates and friends. Its early days for me to give all committee members a full work perspective. But it’s very important that all of you read the associated paperwork that Open ai has provided. They have been as clear as day on how it work’s.

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I have severe dyslexia, if you have any kind of breakdowns of the process, I would be interested to see them. ( Sometimes plain explanation of a task looks simple to some but like hieroglyphics to me. But only if want, you don’t have to, its possible it might still go over my head, since I still have to read it.

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I will try and explain it a little bit by putting it in a few steps. See in gptchat setting first if you have the option under data control turn it on. Then you would have your chat in front of you, that you would like your friend/someone to look at or work on.
In the sidebar of gptchat you have the title of your conversations with three little icons. One looks like a pencil it’s for edit , an other looks like a trash can for getting rid of stuff and the one in the middle is the shared link icon.
When you click on it, a window pops up and shows you what is going to be shared. You have three dots for adding your name or not and a copy link button. That button copys your URL of your page and with that you can send it to whomever. In what ever means you see fit, be safe anyone with that link can see your shared information page. Hopefully this will get you started and the process in reverse for you to share in your friend’s work.

There is another aspect of a shared link to someone’s chat that is often overlooked:

You can press “continue this conversation”, and keep on interacting, using your own ChatGPT.

This allows you to share a “prompt” that others can use.

Here, for example, is one share that lets you jump into having the AI roleplay as any character you want to chat with, with the resistance and forgetfulness already overcome by the prompt wording:

Reminder - or new information because it is completely unobvious:

Deleting the conversation session within the ChatGPT history will also destroy the share link to the conversation you’ve previously shared, even when the path of your own continued conversation and its edits is quite divergent from the turns you shared.

These should have been separated, either the share is permanent, or has a different management interface.

After I deleted a shared answer on ChatGPT 3.5 I lost the share icon. Do you know how to restore it?
Using Firefox on Linux Mint.

It appears you also suffered the unexpected behavior I mentioned right above.

The link is gone if you deleted the conversation from your ChatGPT history, and cannot be recreated at the same URL.

If you have a good memory yourself, you can recreate the conversation that got you there, and share a new link.

That big annoying “delete chat?” confirmation dialog that was recently added to ChatGPT could at least only come up when you need to be informed that you have made links that will also be deleted by continuing…

No, after posting the message I realized that the shared link icon is all the way to the upper right corner of the screen, not in between the pen and the delete icon like the official ChatGPT help page shows. Problem solved, at least for me.

I think the new position is to allow for responsive page design on mobile devices, it caught me out too!

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Does the continue conversation show up for anyone?

It was working a few days ago but there is no longer “continue conversation” button when I open a conversation from a shared link