Sharing GPTs to non paid users


I have another account which is a paid one and I created my first GPT that I want to share with my contacts.

However, every time they click on the link it’s asking them to upgrade their ChatGPT account.

How do I share my GPTs to non-paid users?



It seems you learned that ChatGPT Plus and GPTs are only accessible by those with a subscription.

There is no other “how”, and the whole goal is that you are sharing a link that is basically an ad.


Don’t advise to share the log-in credentials. That’s a breach of the terms of service.

Building with the API is a much better suggestion.


How far does “Share with a friend” go?
I share my GPT with Amy (who also subscribes to GTP-4)
Can Amy share it with Beatrice? (also subscribes to GTP-4)
Can Beatrice post it to Facebook for her 5,000 friends? (and they subscribe to GTP-4)

If so, how is Share different from Public?

A GPT is a web link, so anybody can click on and launch it.

If the GPT uses access to an API domain you control, it is possible for you to set up user authentication on that.

If/when a GPT store would launch next year, there may be other controls, if one of the features ends up being actual store-like subscriptions or purchases.


If you create a shareable link for it, anyone with that share link can use the GPT even if Amy does give the URL to Beatrice, Beatrice can now use it too.

The difference between turning it Public is that GPT is now assessable to search engines. So I, who doesnt even have the link could find it via google and when the GPT Store comes out, possibly through the store as well.


This is mentioned here in the guide: Guide: Turn GPTs into Assistants and put them on your website

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Share is controlled distribution while Public is not controlled or at least not your control. Both are in theory the same access, but one is for you to manage, the other is for the platform, in this case OpenAI to manage.

This is related to what I’m experiencing, but the way you frame it is confusing people into thinking this is a matter of “sharing with non-Plus subscribers” not being supported.

When you share your custom GPT link online you cannot filter for who is a plus-subscriber or not. I personally observed someone following my shared link and thinking that the base ChatGPT 3.5 was in fact my custom GPT. They asked it if it was, and since it thought it could help with that it assured them it was—so this issue makes it impossible to share custom GPTs at all with anyone, because it can mislead people into believing that they have experienced your custom GPT and that it offers no value at all, since what they think is your custom GPT is in fact base GPT.


you cant. its not possible. its only for GPT plus users.

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Yes, it is possible to host your custom ChatGPT on your own server, making it accessible to all users, including those who are not ChatGPT Plus subscribers. This process would involve setting up a backend server and a frontend chat component. By doing so, you can utilize OpenAI’s API to power your custom GPT and manage access as you see fit, without the need for users to have a ChatGPT Plus subscriptio​​​​】.

However, it’s important to note that this approach requires technical expertise in both backend and frontend development. You would need to manage your own infrastructure to support the GPT model, and handle aspects like API integration, server maintenance, and potentially scaling the service based on user demand.


Do you not think that the wording - Anyone with a link is very misleading? even disingenuous, I subscribed to create a custom private GPT of my corpus of data, and then share that with a few colleagues, but once created, it requires all others who share to subscribe to a Plus too… small print… maybe… but wrong


I’m actually thinking of making a SaaS about this.

GPTs are too limited. You can’t host on your own domain. You can’t see the conversations that were had so that you could improve the prompt etc… No analytics…

It is strange!

Would anyone be interested in that?



Thanks for clarifying this… i’m not very tech savvy and been strugling with this exact thing… so is there a simpler way w/o your own infrastructure to support the GPT model, and handle aspects like API integration, server maintenance, and potentially scaling the service based on user demand.

so in a way for someone needing the above custom GPT becomes an interface to fine tune your model and then you are pretty much doing the proper API integration with associated infra… is that correct?

That sounds great. Could you please share the link? Thanks in advance!

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Be careful about claims that you can deploy GPTs on websites. What they are usually talking about is creating an OpenAI Assistant with the same prompts and files used to create the custom GPT. While this might get you close, most people with experience doing this claim that the custom GPT is much better and more accurate than the equivalent Assistant indicating that the underlying processes are different.


WOW! I just wasted a ton of time making a custom GPT. Would be really nice if there was a statement about this upfront before creating the GPT.

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GPTs is a great feature. There are many unique GPTs. I want many people to use my GPTs.

I think it would be nice to have a feature where non-paid users can use GPTs by acquiring tokens through Android or iPhone in-app purchases (or viewing ads, etc.).