Unable to make GPTS Public

My GPT : ChatGPT - Aws Guru

I have encountered a significant issue with the management of my GPT model that demands immediate attention. Before the official release of the public GPT marketplace, I developed a GPT model that served over 700 users, a testament to its utility and popularity. This model was not just a tool, but a collaborative platform that fostered innovation and interaction among a large user community. The abrupt and unexplained restriction of access to my model, limiting it to ‘Only Me,’ has disrupted this thriving community. There was no forewarning or justification provided for this action, leaving both me and my users in a state of confusion and disappointment.

This situation raises serious concerns about the platform’s policies and their implementation. The sudden change in access rights without any transparent communication reflects a disregard for the developers and users who contribute to the ecosystem of the platform. Moreover, it appears to be a case of double standards, especially considering the timing coinciding with the launch of the public GPT marketplace. Such actions not only undermine the trust and efforts of dedicated developers like myself but also hint at a deeper issue of inconsistency and partiality within the platform’s governance. I urge the community to address this matter with the seriousness it deserves, as it sets a worrying precedent for all users and developers engaged with the platform.

All my GPTs are not more public. And until now no commet about the reason for this. I think GPTs are now useless. ;O(

OpenAI please tell me what to change.