Unable to log into ChatGPT online!

Dears ,

Contact your network administrator as Some Palo Alto Firewalls recognize this domain as new and block the DNS request . everything solved with exception for the mentioned domain.



I can confirm the above from @anasbat as well. Company firewall (Palo) is blocking “cdn[.]oaistatic[.]com” for being a newly registered domain.

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cdn[.]oaistatic[.]com was flagged by some security features due to being a newly registered domain. Depending on your DNS provider/firewall, you may have to whitelist it. I personally use NextDNS and had to whitelist it via the portal.

This way works for me. Tried with allow domain oainstatic does not work. Location: Vietnam

We use Palo Alto as well, and I created a new URL category for cdn dot oaistatic dot com and then allowed it via a URL profile and can now load ChatGPT. Since that domain was created on Sep 18th or so, once we get to Oct 18th, it should not be marked as a newly registered domain name, and the URL category workaround shouldn’t be needed.

For anyone with FMC, the domain is incorrectly categorized as phishing, which for my deployment was being dropped.

Same issue. The content delivers network server is getting blocked.
The company VPN is blocking this server domain.
Is it possible to switch the CDN to a different fallback domain?