Unable to locate and instal / use code interpreter on chat gpt plus

Felling a little frustrated. i can not find the code intpreter in the plugin store (and it does not automatically appear in the drop down list). I specifically upgraded to chat gpt4 to get access to this, as i want help anlysing some excel spreadsheets. I have spent over an hour and a half looking for help and I am unable to send a message to open ai / chat gpt for support (and chat gpt itself and their chatbot was unable to help lol).

I also tried to get on the waitlist but now the “I want to try plugins in ChatGPT” is disabled so i have no idea how to get access to this feature.

Any suggetions / directions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Code Interpreter is still in limited alpha. No word on what the rollout will be.

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THank you Novaphil - is there anyway to know a general wait time?

No, they haven’t said anything. From the forums I don’t think many people have it so may be awhile.

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Anybody familiar with a third-party alternative to OpenAI’s Code Interpreter?

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@rli I scanned the plugin store and the only thing i ciuld see that looked likely was the integration with zapier and thus google docs. But I do not think this does intelligent anlaysis or delivers the same output / data as the Code Interpreter.

I was also baited into upgrading to plus to gain access to the code interpreter without a waitlist. Well played OpenAI.


Yes, I think they could make it clearer that this is not yet available to all plus users as it clearly states on their plugin page “ChatGPT Plugins will now be available to all ChatGPT plus subscribers, no waitlist required!” (wiht no metion that code interpreter is not avaialbe, which in itself is very strange and frustrating, as it is Openai’s own plugin).


Frustrating for sure. My co-worker has access to the plugin and I used it with an html project I’ve been working on and it is extremely impressive and very helpful. I have yet to gain access and joined the waitlist on May 10th.

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I found one called vizGPT which is a separate website that allows you to upload CSV files for visualization. Won’t let me drop the link but just google it and it should pop up

It doesn’t show up unless you have “Chat History and Training” turned on in the data control tab in settings. Hmmmm.

Why revive this 3-week old topic with this?

the natable pugin works great for data analysis . But I’m also unable to use code interpreter, I can see it but is not enabled .

Code Interpreter is currently undergoing maintenance, it should be back relatively soon.

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Not able to access code interpreter and plugin options (does not automatically appear in the drop down list) when history is off. Same as @hmaldonado above. Contacted support and quote: “Based on our findings, the code interpreter and plugins options should remain accessible even when history is disabled.” :person_shrugging:

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Click on account (bottom left) >> Settings & Beta >> Beta Features >> Toggle Code Interpreter

@_dane Thanks! Tried it but no difference. :frowning:

@oliveb did you ever get anywhere with this? I am seeing the same behaviour. I’ve tried toggling, etc but no joy.

@wdrwilson nope, support is slow to reply, and they replied back with some vague sentences neither admitting that it’s a bug nor confirming whether they’ll fix it.

Why do I not have access to code Interpreter?
All forum and search results regarding access are dated before August 22nd or so, which tells me this is no longer a problem, and yet I can not access code interpreter, it is not in the settings, I tried logging out and back in, that didn’t work either.