Unable to create public or even link-only GPTs

I have about 20 public GPTs (ChatGPT+), so an unverified builder profile isn’t the problem.

For several months now, whenever I create a new GPT, I’m unable to make it public, and often even “anyone with a link”. If I try, it forces it to a less accessible sharing status (e.g., “anyone with a link” is changed to “only me“). They used to alert you and offer an appeal. Now, absolutely nothing.

There’s nothing in these GPTs that violate openAI policy. I even have the GPT builder verify that.

I asked the help chatbot about this and gave it full details, and it told me OpenAI would get back to me. That was over a week ago. Nothing. I haven’t found any documentation about this.

I asked ChatGPT. It gave me the exact same story that the chatbot did: check and make sure that your account is verified. My account has been verified for at least six months - as proven by the fact that I already have about 20 custom GPTs that are public.

What gives OpenAI?

Note: All of the similar topics here seem to be old, before the App Store opened up so I needed to create a fresh one.

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I’m facing the same issue. Share GPT option always sticks to “Only Me”, whatever option I select. Don’t know what is the problem.

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This is VERY frustrating, I have been unable to get OpenAI to address, explain and fix this

I found a way around to tackle this. It worked for me, u can try too. I first switched the sharing gpt option to desired one, then didn’t select the update button. I did duplicate GPT. After duplicating, update gpt. Now the duplicate GPT has got the desired sharing option. However when I closed the chatgpt and browser completely, both my original and duplicate gpt came to correct sharing option which I wanted.

Just to let u know- I wanted my GPT to be in “anyone with a link” and existing condition was “only me”.

Shad, thank you for your insight. That’s something I wouldn’t have thought of.

I tried it. It retained the new/desired setting the first time, but when I tried to update it again, it downgraded it again.

However, I suspected you were on to something. Before I posted my initial issue assessment, I’d already concluded it was a hidden configuration file that was corrupted but which I couldn’t access.

So, I tried a simpler version of your technique:

  1. Select and “share” the sharing option I want.
  2. Close the window that contains the GPT definition.
  3. Open/edit the GPT
  4. Click “Update”

It’s unclear as to whether step 1 actually publishes it or if you actually need to “Update”. If you look at your list of GPTs after step 2, it will reflect the sharing status you set in step 1.

Thank you for uncovering the basic solution. Despite starting 3 chats with the OpenAI chatbot and that last one promoting it to the higher level tech gurus, I received ZERO response.

I’m not ready to say it’s solved: I want to wait to see if it comes back after several updates.

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You are right. Since it’s an OpenAI bug, the steps or workaround for this particular issue may vary from user to user. Hope this is resolved soon.
For me, it didn’t downgrade it again and works fine now.