Unable to change privacy settings of custom made GPT's

I noticed that I can’t change the settings of custom GPT’s i’ve alrady made.

GPT’s set to “only me” can’t be set to “Anyone with a link” and GPT’s set to “Anyone with a link” can’t be set to “Publish in GPT store”.

More info:
I have a verified builder profile with a linked LinkedIn profile and a linked and verified TXT record in my website.

No, I don’t have any custom actions so I don’t have any privacy policy to use.

This is a major problem as one GPT I’ve created for a client is currently set to “only me” and should soon be “Anyone with a link”.

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Hrm. Does your billing details match? Might need to reach out to help.openai.com … sounds like you should be good to go…

Have you not been able to change settings on any of them?