I cannot make my GPTS public, only shareable link. I’m a Plus member. What gives?

Cannot make public gpts. Only except the first Gpt I created is public. No others, only shareable link. What gives?

Hi @jhadcock. Are you using an action in your GPT?

I believe you cannot then make it public unless you give a URL to a privacy policy relating to API calls by that action.

I figured it out. I couldn’t make it public cause builder name was set to off. I swiped it on and now it works.


Do you happen to know why we cannot see other community members Gpt builds? It only shows chatgpt builds

For now, you have to do some kind of search using Google or whatever for all the public ones.

Someone (not me) made a GPT to search them, though I’m not sure it finds them all.


I’m having a similar problem today. My public GPTs now have the publish to public option greyed out. ALL of them. Where is the setting for builder name found?


I have the same issue, what happened? I can publish yesterday successfully.

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I am having the same problem. I am unable to set the custom GPT setting to Public. I verified my domain and also my name appears on it and is the same as in the billing information.

Same for me. It’s not working anymore since yesterday.

I have the same issue. Starting yesterday, any updates I make to public GPTs cannot be published publicly. My builder profile name is and has been turned on and privacy policy is active. Has anyone else started experiencing this?

Same for me. Im new and i don’t even know how it should look like.

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