Unable to access plugin store

Hi there, after installing some plugins, I only have the plugins that I installed. I don’t have an option to access the plugin store to change or uninstall them now.


Me too it just doesn’t show up anymore

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I have the same issue.
Pretty curious if any1 had the same and solved it.
Currently I have 4 plugins, 3 installed and a local one and I am unable to uninstall any plugin for the moment due to not being able to access the store.

I have the same issue. I can’t deselect or go back to the plugin store menu.

the same issue! please advise how to fix this. Thanks!

Facing same issue, can’t delete or add any new one

Same here.
Very annoying bug, is any dev taking care of it?

Yes, this is a known bug and is being worked on. It’s down to the Plus memberships not correctly updating when it comes time for renewal. This should resolve itself once a fix is in place.

Please see the status page for updates

Same issue here. I’m a new subscriber so it shouldn’t be a renewal issue.

I’m accessing GPT using a mobile browser in case that makes a difference.

Edit- I see there’s a second issue which is people simply not having the option to use plugins. That’s not the case here- I installed one plug-in and tested. Then installed three more and the store option from the drop-down menu disappeared. It might be covered by the plugins. At any rate I can’t add or remove my current ones until this is fixed.

I am unable to access the plugin store as well and my membership plan is still active

I’m the same, I don’t have the store showing up at all. The installed plugins are there but the store is not there.

Hi and welcome to the developer forum!

Can you please try another browser, or use incognito mode, this can be down to newly installed extensions.

In the same situation here, intstalled 1, all good, installed 3 more, now the plugin store has disappeared.

Same issue in Microsoft Edge and Opera. Still no plugin store available.

Have you still got beta features enabled from your settings menu? (:gear: Icon next to your email address in the bottom left)

I’m having the same issues. I am unable to access the plug-in store. Does anyone know what’s happening yet?

Did you ever get a solution? Have they done anything to solve this.

The link to the plugin store is missing, is there any fix yet?

Now I see what it is - screen size means the buttons (like Recommended…) are drawn over the menu so you cannot see the Plugin Store option at the bottom. Maybe put at the top?

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I had the same issue. It’s a problem with the display. The suggested prompts are hiding the plugin store. But I found a way to get there:

  1. Scroll to the end of your installed plugins.
  2. Click on one plugin.
  3. Press the down arrow key until the plugin store is highlighted.
  4. Press Enter when it’s selected.

Hope this helps!